Class Descriptions

Explore your practice to the fullest. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or are stepping onto your mat for the first time, we have a class for you!

Level 1: This class invites you to begin your yoga practice. It is designed to help build strength, flexibility and knowledge. This class, which focuses on fundamental alignment and breathing techniques, is a great opportunity for those starting their yoga journey or for those looking to get back to the basics. 

Level 1/2: This is a Mixed level class that offers modifications and variations to challenge or modify your practice. Level 1/2 classes vary based on the teacher and their style. However, they will always include exceptional instruction and modifications for every level student.

Level 2: More challenging poses, sequences and transitions.  We recommend that students have a confident knowledge of the poses.  Inversions and arm balances are explored. Perfect class to challenge yourself and expand your practice

Morristown Zen: You worked hard all week and want to play hard all weekend.  This class is the perfect transition, faster paced flow, yin poses, restorative and meditation.  All done with humor and flair.

Restorative: This gentle class is meant to prepare your body and mind for the week ahead. This type of yoga makes use of all the yoga props; blocks, bolsters, and blankets are used to offer support and create grounding poses that relieve muscle ache, joint pain, and fatigue. You can expect to spend the class in relaxing seated and supine poses, with therapeutic adjustments made by the teacher.

Yin Yoga: This class offers a gentler practice that emphasizes the release of tendons, ligaments, and fascia in your muscles by holding poses for 2‐5 minutes. It can relieve joint and muscle pain, release tension, and increase flexibility and circulation. Yin Yoga teachers provide a meditative and introspective atmosphere while quietly guiding you through poses.

Taking the 1st Step: This is a series that is offered several times a year, designed to introduce you to yoga or help a more seasoned revamp their practice.  You can expect to leave the series with an understanding of the poses, breath work and meditation. Poses are broken down and explained, questions answered and confidence built. It is also offered as a FREE community class several times a year.

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