Workshops & Events

Restortive Yoga & Singing Bowl Healing Meditation 

Slow down and go inward as Pamela leads you through a restful restorative yoga practice using several props to allow you to surrender your stress and anxiety. As you settle into each pose, Dave will create an immersive, healing sound bath. The sound of pure tone produces sine waves, which are present in the brain during an alpha state, inducing a deep state of relaxation, insightful presence, and elevated mood.

Friday June 18

Time: 6-7:30

$45 per person

Teacher: Dave & Pamela

Advanced Arm Balances

Kapha Season Ayrrvedic Workshop





Grab a partner (friend, BF, mom, sister etc) and join us for a partner stretch workshop


We will learn selfcare techniqes, how to release tension, help each other go depper into our stretch and have a fun relaxing afternoon. Doint something different 


No experience necessary


Limited to 5 Pairs in person

Or offered on zoom


$50 per pair

Sunday May 16


Instructor: Pamela

Yoga Hike