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20 in 31


Yoga for Kids

2020 Challenge


The Challenge: Complete 20 Yoga Classes in 31 Days
The Rules: Write your name on the poster in the studio and put a * for every day you take a class
Bonus: 2 stars for 1 day if you try a class you never have
Prize: Improved Practice, Goal Accomplished, Feel Great, Focused and fit and Swag.
Everyone that attempts the challenge: 1 Free Class for you or a friend
Everyone that completes the challenge: SSYN Water Bottle, and entered into a grand prize drawing for SSYN leg warmers & a month of free yoga
Anyone that completes 31 in 31 all of the above and a free private
You got this!
FREE to Participate

Sign up at the studio


Children will be introduced to yoga with music, games story and play.  Stephanie takes a playful approach to meditation, breath work and poses.  This will be a 4--week series designed to encourage a regular practice of yoga, mindfulness and stress reduction. This workshop is designed for children grades 3-5

This will be limited to 9 kids.


*A minimum of 6 children will need to be signed up to run this workshop. 

Dates: Monday 2/24, March 2, 9 and 16.

Time: 4-4:45

Instructor: Stephanie

Investment: $60 for the 4 classes.



Taking the First Step

Intro to Arm Balances

Chatauranga Workshop: Its really not that scary


 New to Yoga? Sometimes walking into a class is really hard. You are not sure of the termonology, the poses or the proper alignment. Sometimes in a class it is hard to get the hang of it quickly. This two hour workshop is designed for you. You will learn basic poses, words and protocol. From here it will be super easy to transition into a class setting. Workshop also geared for those looking to revisit practice basics.

Date: Saturday February 8

Time: 2-4

Instructor: Meghan

Investment: $40 $45 day of workshop



Learn to Fly


Come learn to fly in this arm balance workshop. This is an introductory workshop, where you will learn the basics and gain the confidence to spring into action. Leave with an understanding of the preparatory poses that you need to practice and eventually master crow, side crow, firefly, peacock and more.

Date: Sunday January 26

Time: 1-3:00

Teacher: Meghan Farrell

Investment: 35 pp in advance 40 day of



Twisted Arm Balances 

Twisted Arm Balances

In this workshop, we will work towards the arm balances in which the spine is in rotation including side crow, Eka Pada Koundinyasana A, and Astavakrasana.

We will discuss wrist care, techniques for finding your deepest expression of spinal rotation, and energetic ways to find balance in these arm balances. Some experience with arm balancing recommended

Date: Sunday February 9

Time: 1-3:00

Teacher: Meghan Farrell

Investment: 35 pp in advance 40 day of



Chakra Balancing 

Chakra Balancing Workshop

Join Julie Waters, teacher at Urban Souls yoga studio in Hobokon for a class to address Chakra imbalances. The seven Chakras (energy centers) align the mind and body. In this class, we will move through a gentle flow targeted to address each Chakra and cultivate inner peace to clear the subconscious mind. Reiki and essential oils will also be used to help realign imbalances and provide deep relaxation. If there is any part of you that feels misaligned, unbalanced or unclear, this workshop is for you.

Give Yourself Some Valentines Love!

Date: Saturday February 15

Time: 2-3:30

Teacher: Julie Waters

Investment: 35 pp in advance 40 day of



Evening with Spirit

Evening with Spirit

Your loved ones are eager to communicate with you and let you know they are still nearby, just in a different form. Join Psychic Medium Sarah Milligan for an evening of Spirit Communication. Sarah will deliver messages from your loved ones in Spirit in honest and heartfelt readings. Lots of love and laughter will be shared in this special event.

Sarah is coming from Massachusetts for this special event.She is a medium and spiritual advisor, Reiki Master Teacher, and Energy Medicine Practitioner. She was chosen by world-renowned Psychic Medium Lisa Williams as one of twenty students from around the world to train with her personally and certify in her Advanced Psychic Medium & Spiritual Advisor course through the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development (LWISSD) and was one of just six students chosen to train and certify in her Master Teacher program in 2017. She is honored to serve Spirit and you as she delivers healing, love and messages from the Other Side.

Date: Monday March 16

Time: 7:00-8:30 Doors open 6:40 and seating is first come first serve.  We will start promptly at 7

Teacher: Sarah Milligan

Investment: $45 per person.  

This event is strictly limited to 40 people and will sell out.  

*While not all audience members will receive a reading, there are always universal messages shared from Spirit that will resonate with everyone and let you know your loved ones are nearby. Purchasing a ticket does not guarantee a reading.



Crystal Singing Bowls & Restorative Yoga 

Singing Bowls and Restorative Yoga

Slow down and go inward as Tisha Hennen leads you through a restful restorative yoga practice using several props to allow you to surrender your stress and anxiety. As you settle into each pose, Peter Olsen will create an immersive, healing sound bath with crystal singing bowls. This experience is like a 'vibrational massage' or an 'inner tuning' that helps restore balance on both a physiological and energetic level. The sound of pure tone produces sine waves, which are present in the brain during an alpha state, inducing a deep state of relaxation, insightful presence, and elevated mood.


$40 per person

$45 Day of event

Date: Sunday March 22

Time: 4:00-6:00

Teacher: Tisha & Peter

Investment: $40 per person.  

This event is strictly limited to 12 people and will sell out.  



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