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Managing Stress


Managing Stress… In a pandemic

This workshop is full of tips! Learning how to manage our stress and clear the mind while living in 2020.


We are all in isolation. Our homes have become our offices, gyms, schools, movie theaters.


 We are living in a world where even our social interactions are now on a screen, the sense of touch is a foreign concept. Who else misses hugs? This is a time of instability and chaos. Lets see how we can learn to cope and manage some of this stress for a happier, healthier you!


We will clearly define the concept of stress, how the body reacts to stress and its long-term effects on the body. We will not only learn how to cope with and relieve stress, but also learn how to build resilience. Yoga teaches us that at our core we are pure happiness. Let’s learn to use stress as a constant reminder to get back to that state of being. You can use any or all of these techniques in your everyday life - not just on your yoga mat! It's like a bag of tricks - just pull out the one you need the most at the moment. Join us to learn resilience from your everyday stressors so you can live your best life.

Date: Friday October 2 

Time: 5:30-7:00 PM

Teacher: Christina

Cost: 35pp

Mala Bead Workshop


Mala Bead Workshop

Enjoy sometime socializing while you make your own mala beads. Its a super fun workshop and you leave with someting you can really treasure. If the weather does not cooperate this will be held via zoom, and arrangements will be made for materials to be picked up.

Date: Sunday September 20
Time: 3:00-6:00 PM
Teacher: Debra Acri
Cost: $65 pp
Outdoor-Workshop will be moved inside if weather does not permit
Option to bring/order a picnic dinner to enjoy after the workshop
Or an adult beverage for before, during or after



Taking the first Step

Outdoor  Workshop

Taking the first Step

Outdoor  Workshop

Functional Range Conditioning

Chatauranga Workshop: Its really not that scary


Taking the First Step

New To Yoga? Want to brush up? Returning to your Practice?
This workshop is designed to help you understand the poses, the purpose and feel more confident begining a yoga practice. 


All are welcome.  Join us by taking the first step toward your mat

Date: Sunday October 25
Time: 3:00-4:30 PM
Teacher: Meghan
Cost: $35 pp
Outdoor-Workshop will be moved to zoom if weather does not permit



Functional Range Conditioning:
Your body is extremely smart and extremely efficient. When your day job requires you to sit at a desk for many hours, your body adapts in such a way that you become very good at sitting at desk. This can lead to tightness and stiffness. Whether you are ready to undo the results of a sedentary lifestyle, deepen your physical practice, or regain the control and flexibility that your body already has, this workshop is for you! Incorporating elements of Yin yoga, Vinyasa principles, and the functional range conditioning (FRC) system, this workshop will provide you the skills to access greater flexibility and strength through controlled and intelligent movement.

Date: Saturday November 7 
Time: 1:00-2:30 PM
Teacher: Tessa
Cost: $35 pp
Indoor Workshop-Currently Limited to 4 people Plus Zoom

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