Workshops & Events

Healing Sound Bath and Restorative Yoga

Slow down and go inward as Pamela leads you through a restful restorative yoga practice using several props to allow you to surrender your stress and anxiety. As you settle into each pose, Dave will create an immersive, healing sound bath. The sound of pure tone produces sine waves, which are present in the brain during an alpha state, inducing a deep state of relaxation, insightful presence, and elevated mood.

$45 per person
Limited to 8 people

In person only

Friday October 8

Time: 6-7:30

$45 per person

Teacher: Pamela & Dave

Lavander Farm Yoga


Studio Outing 

Studio Outing!
We are going to MAD lavender farms
Yoga, Picnic and lavender picking
This outing is going to be ⭐️⭐️⭐️

This event is limited to 10 people.

All are welcome

Saturday October 16

Time: 1-4

$65 per person

Teacher: Kat


Functional Range Conditioning  

Reconnect to Your Body! Are you feeling stiff and tight?



Whether you are ready to undo the results of a sedentary lifestyle, deepen your physical practice, or regain the control and flexibility that your body already has, this workshop is for you! 


Incorporating elements of Yin yoga, Vinyasa principles, and the functional range conditioning (FRC) system, this workshop will provide you the skills to access greater flexibility and strength through controlled and intelligent movement.

$35 per person

Saturday October 24


Instructor: Tessa


Fall in love with Chatarunga

The pose you love to hate. Chatauranga is the back bone of all Vineyassa Practices, but how many of us have not completely mastered this pose and risk injury and frustration. Regardless if you are a seasoned yogi or new to your practice. This workshop will provide you with the support you need to get strong, stay safe and master the pose.


$35 per person

Saturday November 6


Instructor: Liz M


Crystals 101

The Crystals 101: The Science Behind the Magic of Crystals, Stones, & A Practice

Throughout this two hour workshop participants will learn what crystals and gemstones are, how they work, and how to begin an at home practice. Participants will get an in depth scientific perspective on energy, vibration, frequency, rituals, properties, practices, shape, form, and anatomy of crystals. Each participant will receive a crystal guide & starter kit.


$45 per person

Saturday November 6


Instructor: Christine