Workshops & Events


Evening with 


Join certified Psychic Medium Sarah Milligan for an evening of Spirit Communication. It is an amazing experience.  We laughed

we cried and left in amazement


Sarah will deliver messages from your loved ones in Spirit in honest and heartfelt readings. Lots of love and laughter will be shared.

Door opens at 5:45pm. Chairs will be available if you prefer if not we will have yoga chairs, blankets and bolsters for floor seating ( Please be on time as we will start promptly at 6.00 . Sarah's events sell out, so please get your tickets early, and this event will be limited to just 30 people.

**While not all audience members will receive a reading, there are always universal messages shared from Spirit that will resonate with everyone and let you know your loved ones are nearby. Purchasing a ticket does not guarantee a reading. All tickets are non refundable.  

Date: Friday October 21

Time: 6-7:30

Teacher: Sarah Milligan

Investment: $65


Arm Balances

This workshop is designed to help you progress in your arm balances.  Have some fun and learn to take flight!


Whether you are starting you journey in flight or are looking to master an advance pose....come play.


All are welcome...but please have a confident practice

Dates: 10/2

Time: 1-2:30

Investment: $40

Teacher: Tara




What is Ayurveda? What are the Gunas and the Elements? The doshas? What is your Dosha? What poses and practices keep you more balanced? And how does this all fit into our world?

Learn this and more. No experience necessary. 

Dates: 10/16

Time: 3-4:30

Investment: $40

Teacher: Taylor




Delve deeper into the practices of Ayurvedic.  Begin to understand the selfcare practices, nutrition and life style choices that keep you in balance.


Some prior understanding of Ayurvedic is suggested for this workshop

Dates: 10/23

Time: 3-4:30

Investment: $40

Teacher: Taylor