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Taking the first Step



New To Yoga? Want to brush up? Returning to your Practice?
This workshop is designed to help you understand the poses, the purpose and feel more confident beginning a yoga practice. 


Saturday January 23 


Lead by Meghan

$40 pp

Ayurvedic Weekend Virtual Retreat and 30 Hour CEU

Meditation Series

20 Hour Ayurvedic Weekend Retreat and 30 Hour CEU teacher training

A unique and enriching weekend of Yoga, Ayurveda & Nutrition. Ayurvedic practices, daily self-care, Ayurvedic and conventional nutrition guidelines & cooking class, and understanding our connection to nature, the elements and the seasons.

This weekend is suitable for yogis, yoga teachers, wellness enthusiasts, therapists, counselors, healthcare workers and ALL and EVERYONE interested in a deeper understanding of themselves through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, nutrition, self-care and daily practices. The additional 10 hours will be geared toward people looking for CEU's

We will cover:

Yoga & Ayurveda - the sister sciences
An understanding of the 5 elements & their role in our lives/ayurveda
20 Gunas (qualities)
Deep dive into the 3 doshas & discover our unique mind-body types
Ayurvedic Philosophy
The Subtle Essences (prana, tejas, ojas)
Ayurvedic Nutrition (5 senes, 6 tastes, eating for your dosha)
Digestion & Doshas (agni & ama)
Ayurvedic Cooking Class
Conventional Nutrition
Conventional vs Ayurvedic (finding what works for you)
Dinacharya, self-care practices, routine, rhythm & balance
Pranayama, meditation, yoga practices
Creating and understand the benefits of a regular, personal practice
Sequencing, techniques and Ayurveda Assistance for yogis, yoga classes and workshops, clients and yourself
CEU registrants: additional readings, practice teaching, and additional meet up for feedback & personal insights


20 hours training PERSONAL ENRICHMENT ONLY $399 (early bird $350 before January 1

OPTION FOR CEUs / Yoga Teachers: 20 hour training + 10 hours of personal exploration & experience (including practice teaching) = 30 CEUs (Yoga Alliance) $475 (early Bird $425 before January 1

This workshop will be taught by Taylor Walek 500 RYT and 100 Hour Ayurvedic Speciality and assisted by Debbie Weinstein, CNS, 200 Yoga Teacher


Astrology 101

Chatauranga Workshop: Its really not that scary


Interested in the study of the stars?


This Beginner's Astrology Workshop will lay the foundation in understanding the 12 zodiac signs. You will learn the layout of a birth chart and the beginning steps to read it. Alongside learning the zodiac, you will learn about the elements and modes and how these three concepts interconnect. This interactive workshop will be lecture and discussion based.


Afterwards, you will be able to apply the information learned to better understand yourself and others.

Please Email your birth date, birth time and location of birth when you sign up and bring a notebook and pen to take notes


January 24


Led by Lucianna

$40 Investment

Taking the first Step

Outdoor  Workshop

Yoga Hike

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