Workshops & Events

East Hampton Yoga Retreat

Led By Pamela

Food by South & Pine



Lots of Yoga, Good Vegetarian Food, Hiking, Workshops, Beach, Sunsets Friendships, Fun and Cocktails

Sample Itinerary


Thursday: Arrive after lunch to a welcome practice, dinner and a restorative yoga nidra.


Friday: Morning Meditation, Breakfast, Midday practice, Afternoon free to explore or do a 4 mile gorgeous walk along the sound. Pre-dinner practice, dinner, movie night SSYN cocktails and signature popcorn


Saturday-Morning Meditation, Breakfast and Salt cave outing.  In the afternoon We move our practice to a local yoga studio for a 2 hour workshop. Sunset cocktails on the bay Dinner out. We end our night with smores and a pool game


Sunday- Reiki Meditation Breakfast, Morning practice, vision board planning, brunch and farewells. Opportunity to visit a winery or beach town on your way home.

Itinerary  is weather dependent and is intended as an example of a typical day. Everything is optional.  You may choose to take a nap, read a book, or Netflix binge all perfect options.

Private Room & Bath $1600

Private Room & Shared Bath $1350

2nd Person in Room $950

$500 Deposit to Reserve Spot


Balance Due 2/15/  This retreat is non refundable for any reason.  It is completely transferable to friends or family. If you need to cancel for medical medical reasons and are not able to transfer to any a  studio credit will be issued.  All attendees must be vaccinated and show a negative test.

Taking the First Step

Beginners Workshop

New To Yoga? Want to brush up? Returning to your Practice?
This workshop is designed to help you understand the poses, the purpose and feel more confident beginning a yoga practice. 


All are welcome.  Join us by taking the first step toward your mat


This is a 3 part series that meets 3 consecutive Sundays.  It is ideal to participate in all 3.  But reach out if you need an alternative

Sundays: 1/23, 1/30, 2/6 

Time: 2-3:30

Investment: $90

Teacher: Anna



Ankles & Feet

Want to take your practice deeper? Spend some time "working out" your wrists ankles and feet.  Learn some techniques to strengthen and increase flexibility in these often neglected, overused and super important parts of our body.  Not a lot of movement that can happen without healthy feet, ankles and wrists.

Saturday 2/5

Time: 1-2:30

Investment: $40

Teacher: Tessa

7 Chakra's Workshop

What is a chakra and how do the function?


Gain a deeper understanding of the meaning, purpose, and function of each of the 7 major energy wheels.

Explore a variety of methods that can be used to balance the chakra system including crystals, essential oils, asana, and mediation.

Saturday 2/12

Time: 2-3:30

Investment: $40

Teacher: Liz M

Nourish to Flourish:

How to live more mindfully

The past two years have taken their toll on all of us, in many cases straining our inner resources. In this 90-minute mindful living workshop, you will learn to replenish these inner resources and add to your wellbeing toolkit. We will practice evidence-based tools and techniques designed to relax your nervous system, recognize unhelpful patterns of thoughts and behaviors, and nourish your

body and mind. You will leave with a greater sense of calm and clarity and practices to help you live each day with greater equanimity, presence and joy.

The session is largely experiential with some science thrown in for those who are curious about the latest research on the science of happiness and well-being. It includes meditation practices and small group discussion.

Saturday 3/5

Time: 1-2:30

Investment: $40

Teacher: Laurie Weisman

Hope from Heaven

An Evening with Spirit

Join certified Psychic Medium Sarah Milligan for an evening of Spirit Communication. Sarah will deliver messages from your loved ones in Spirit in honest and heartfelt readings. Lots of love and laughter will be shared.

Door opens at 5:30pm. Chairs will be available if you prefer if not we will have yoga chairs, blankets and bolsters for floor seating Please be on time as we will start promptly at 5:45 . Sarah's events sell out, so please get your tickets early, and this event will be limited to just 20 people.

**While not all audience members will receive a reading, there are always universal messages shared from Spirit that will resonate with everyone and let you know your loved ones are nearby. Purchasing a ticket does not guarantee a reading. All tickets are non refundable.  For now plan on wearing a mask to attend--that could change as it gets closer

Saturday 3/17

Time: 5-45-7:00 (doors open 5:30 please be prompt)

Investment: $55

Teacher: Sarah Milligan